The Citadel: An odd place to find my calling

When my oldest son decided he wanted to attend The Citadel, little did I know I’d find my calling too.

During Corps Day weekend, March 16 – 18, I had the opportunity to meet parents that I’ve only corresponded with on Facebook or through this blog. A few wondered how I came to write the blog. The simple answer is, I learned a lot the past 4 years and if I can help someone else through the process I’m happy to do so.

I don’t pretend for a minute to have all the answers. Any number of parents of a current cadets and graduates can answer most of the questions that I’m asked.

Sometimes in life you find yourself in a unique position to help others.  I believe God is using my background in public relations, chaplaincy and interfaith dialogue, to be a caring presence for the parents of cadets. Dorei with Georgia parent, Jerri Rodgers

Dorie with Georgia parent, Bubba Cathy

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