Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!!

The past several months have been filled with activity for me, but I have neglected this space.

During the fall I spent a few months working on the 2015 Building Bridges Award Gala with the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta. It was a wonderful event celebrating the spirit of community here in Atlanta. I had the opportunity to work with Soumaya Khalifa, a long time friend and founder of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta. The Gala was November 14, the day after the attacks by terrorists in Paris. It was a terrific way to spend an evening with a group of accomplished individuals from all walks of life the day after such a tragic event. It gives me hope for the future.

I am not sure what the future holds for me. For the past several years I have spent a large chunk of my time moderating Facebook groups for Citadel parents. It is rewarding. I’ve made some wonderful friends and believe I’ve been a supportive presence for many. But it is time consuming and I am not paid.

At this point in our lives we have one child at home who will go off to start her college career in the Fall of 2017. I need to look at how I spend my time and balance my desire to help others with the very real need to bring in an income.

Whether my future will include time to continue what I’ve been doing with, and for, parents of Citadel cadets, I am not sure. I’ve been looking into ways in which to make this blog income producing without compromising my ability to remain in control of the content. Becoming a nonprofit is another potential avenue to pursue.

How I will proceed is not clear yet. The full-time chaplaincy is another avenue I could pursue, but that would not include time to be as involved as I have been with parents.

Please keep me in your prayers this holiday season for clarity of mind as I discern my next steps.