Visiting Charleston

Sunset behind the boat house

In a few weeks I’ll be in Charleston for a couple of nights to attend a Cadet Send off dinner and appear on a panel hosted by the Summerville Citadel Club. (see the fun panelist description for me below)

Each time I visit town I try to find a decent property with good clean rooms and a reasonable price. I spend VERY little time in whatever room I’m in since these are really working trips.

Once in a while I am fortunate to be invited to stay with friends, but most of the time I’m on my own. Several of my friends sing the praises of AirBnB so I decided to check in to the offerings in Charleston. I think during one of my next trips to town I’ll be checking one of these properties out.

When visiting Charleston to see your cadet, always call the hotel directly and ask if they offer special rates to Citadel families. I’ll be updating this entry about hotels soon, but check out some of the links listed.

The Summerville Citadel Club sent me a copy of the invitation to the event. The alumnus who sent it to me asked if I liked my title/description. What do you think?!

Speaker Panel:

CPT Geno F Paluso II, USN, Commandant of Cadets.

LTC Robert Pickering, SCM, Director of Multicultural Student Services and International Studies, Director of Citadel Success Institute, Ombudsperson.

Mrs. Dorie Griggs, Citadel Mom, Facebook Organizer, Blogger, Knower of Many Things Citadel Parent’s Should Know.

If you want to know if there is an event in your area check the Citadel Alumni website and check with the club in your area. I hope to have a list of scheduled events soon and will post it here when I have it. I do know the Atlanta Citadel Club is hosting a dinner August 4. They have a Facebook event posted and RSVP information should be available soon.

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