A Citadel Mom in NY – UPDATE

Last week I wrote about a project a group of Citadel Moms has taken on. Here is an update. . .

Bonnie Ashley has received over 30 boxes this week of clothing and other donations for children of her school district and the areas surrounding the district. Some of their families lost everything. The call went out on Facebook and through this blog and The Citadel family went into action.

The latest word from Bonnie is that gifts of Home Depot gift cards are now needed. They will be used by families who are entering the long recovery process.¬†If you’d like to send donations of Home Depot gift cards, please send them to:

Bonnie Ashley
2629 Ricky Street
Bellmore, NY 11710

Bonnie’s son, Jordan is a senior in Charlie Company at The Citadel, is spearheading an effort to raise funds on campus for the recovery effort. The money raised will go toward providing Home Depot gift cards to families in Breezy Point who are rebuilding. You can make donations through the PayPal account:¬†CitadelRelief@gmail.com

In the midst of her efforts to aid the victims of super storm Sandy, Bonnie has reached out to me by baking cookies for my Citadel grad son who recently deployed to the Middle East.

Citadel Moms are amazing!

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