The Matriculation Headquarters page/Success Packet is now available

Each year The Citadel posts a page called Matriculation Headquarters.  I can tell by the number of hits on my blog that parents and future cadets  alike are anxiously awaiting this information. The search terms used to find my blog tells the story. The list is filed with “packing list” “required list” “what to bring” and more.

The required list of what to bring is in the Success Packet listed under Important Documents and Links. Optional items are on the Citadel Family Association (CFA) web site under CFA Benefits.

This is the first test your future cadet will go through. To be prepared for entering this leadership school your cadet should take charge of all the information on the Matriculation Headquarters page. They really mean it when they say to break in your shoes and start your work outs now.

This is also a test for every parent. Let your future cadet take charge of preparing to report.

The wait is over. The work is just beginning.