The Atlanta Citadel Club

Last night I attended the annual sports gathering, or Coaches Night, of the Atlanta Citadel Club. Head football coach Kevin Higgins and head basketball coach Chuck Driesell were both scheduled to speak. I was encouraged to attend because a few freshman recruits from Georgia and their parents were scheduled to attend as well.

Incoming freshman quarterback, Trey White, and Citadel alum, Joel Thompson, visit after dinner.

It was a fun evening. I had the opportunity to speak with the coaches and other staff who attended. I also met the parents of the freshman recruits.  The real fun came at dinner when I had the opportunity to meet two alumni I had not met before. The conversation flowed and it was amazing the level of common threads we shared as we discussed our professional lives. It was a small glimpse into the network my son, who  “wears the Ring” is a part of now.

Graduation is next week. It is important for current cadets to realize that while they are a part of the Long Grey Line of graduates they must also put some time into cultivating contacts. Attending local alumni functions is a great way to start.

Head Football Coach Kevin Higgins visits with incoming freshman, Harrison Davis.

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